RK Autowerks

Is a company focused on bringing value and performance together in our products. We use the latest CNC machining and solidworks techniques to design and fabricate solutions for serious performance seekers. Our products look good, are easy to install, and are based on a concrete understanding of engineering principals.

Why us

  • -Engineering
  • -Precision
  • -Quality

What clients say

“RK Autowerks has provided exceptional customer service from beginning to end. Jamie contacted me on the phone before I even bought the upgrade kit and we had a nice chat about the parts provided in the kit and these cars in general. Being in the auto repair field, I know what good customer service is and Jamie has proven that he cares about every customer. I have contacted Jamie/Sal several times about updating my tune and he has replied within the hour almost every.” -Alex




“I had sent a quick message to Jamie mentioning that my car had been down for some time waiting for these plates. He responded IMMEDIATELY to my message telling me he would “look into it and get back to me in a couple of hours”. Two hours later, Jamie LITERALLY sent me HIS OWN set of plates by OVERNIGHT mail (the ones in his garage awaiting installation on his own beast)” -Brian



Short video from a client after the purchase of his stage 1 supercharger kit.

RK Supercharger Systems

All of the RK Autowerks supercharger systems are designed and built in house. Components are designed in Solidworks and then machined using a Centroid 5-axis CNC mill. This ensures the end user receives a product that is designed to our exact specification, making fitment perfect everytime. The system is engineered to safely maximize the performance of the car. Each stage adds additional performance in a modular fashion that allows an upgrade path from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and beyond.



This BMW M5 from the factory produced 400Horsepower. With our Stage 3 kit, we were able to produce 835 horsepower, more than doubling the power output.



What is a superchager?

It is a belt driven compressor that increases the pressure of the fuel-air mixture in an internal combustion engine, used in order to achieve greater efficiency.


Many folks wonder whether the addition of an RK kit will change the character of their car. RK kits use centrifugal superchargers that add boost in a linear fashion. You can drive around town with little impact to the gas mileage and tractability of your car, but when you put your foot in it, you will be thrown into your seat with acceleration.

The RK kit has little MPG impact for highway driving – maybe 1 mpg lower due to SC drag. Evolve NA/SC tune improves torque and power and eliminates the troublesome MAF. RK Kits add little extra maintenance with a single belt and self contained SC unit. The RK tune keeps engine in a safe operating range to reduce chance of detonation. The car will be a daily driver wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Engine Services

Here at RK Autowerks, we can assist clients with a wide variety of engine services. With our contracted machine shop, no job is too big or small. Services range from the common stripped oil pan drain, all the way to fully built forged engines. Contact us for a further questions or a quote request.


Services Offered

  • -Precision CNC & Manual Machining
  • -Cylinder wall repair
  • -Cylinder head repair
  • -Cylinder wall sleeving (dry or wet)
  • -Cylinder head port and polishing
  • -Cylinder honing
  • -Valve jobs
  • -Thread repair
  • -Engine balancing
  • -Engine assembly
  • -Surface grinding
  • -Ceramic coating
  • -Pressure testing
  • -Flow testing
  • -CAD designing

Chassis Dyno 101


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