RK BMW B58 Port Injection Pack

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Injector Choice

RK Autowerks 750cc Fuel Injectors packaged in pack of 6 units For use with highly modified, high horsepower engines.

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Injector Dynamics ID1050x Fuel Injectors Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are a built-to-spec motorsport injector, offering optimization of critical operating parameters important to you, the motorsport tuner. Built on the evolution of the ID1000 and X Series, these injectors are a drastic improvement over previous series from Injector Dynamics. Order the set recommended for your vehicle. 1050x ID Part No: 1050.

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Injector Dynamics ID1300x Fuel Injectors Injector Dynamics ID1300x fuel injectors are high-flow models with characteristics specific to the needs of motorsport tuners. You get superior flow without sacrificing idle and cruising performance in low fuel demand situations. This perfect balance between reliability and performance makes the 1300x Series one of the most popular options in today's motorsports. These injectors not only work with gasoline, but any ethanol fuels your engine is tuned for. The stainless internals prevent corrosion, add durability, and provide dependable flow in high performance engines. Order the ID1300x fuel injectors recommended for your vehicle. 1300x ID Part No: 1300.

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Other Add-ons

In it's simplest form, the ReFlex+ can be used as a standalone port fuel injector controller on engines with up to eight cylinders. Each ReFlex+ is fully configurable to be used on any vehicle through programmable cam, crank, and map sensor inputs in the tuning software. With Harness: Reduce installation time and frustration with genuine connectors an no splicing Allows Motiv Reflex to control port injectors, secondary fuel pumps, and/or boost controllers Helpful Harness Installation Video and Instructions: https://www.tensilitymotorsports.com/instructions

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These are genuine Continental (VDO) Flex Fuel E85 Sensors used to measure the ethanol-gasoline ratio of the fuel being used in a flexible fuel vehicle. Flexible fuel vehicles can be operated with a blend of ethanol and gasoline, up to 98 percent ethanol, depending on the vehicles fuel lines and injectors. Both inlet and outlet are 3/8" SAE sized fittings.

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RK Autowerks B58 Port Injection Kit – B58 Gen 1 & 2


  • E85 Capable Fuel Lines
  • All Necessary Fuel Fittings


  • Injectors – 750cc
  • Injectors – Injector Dynamics 1050x –
  • Injectors – Injector Dynamics 1300x ID

Compatible with:

  • RK Autowerks B58 Billet Port Injection Manifold (See Bottom)

Compatible Vehicles – B58 Gen 1:

  • 340i 440i | F30 | 2015-2019 | Gen 1
  • M140i | F20 F21 | 2016-2019 | Gen 1
  • M240i | F22 | 2016+ | Gen 1
  • X3/X4 M40i | G01 G02 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1
  • 540i | G30 G31 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1
  • 640i | G32 | 2017-2019 | Gen 1

Compatible Vehicles – B58 Gen 2:

    • M340i M440i | G20 G22 | 2019+ | Gen 2
    • M240i | G42 | 2021+ | Gen 2
    • Supra | 2020+ | Gen 2
    • Z4 M40i | G29 | 2018+ | Gen 2
    • X3/X4 M40i | G01 G02 | 2019+ | Gen 2
    • 540i | G30 G31 | 2020+ | Gen 2
    • 640i | G32 | 2020+ | Gen 2
    • X5 X6 X7 40i | G05 G06 G07 | 2018+ | Gen 2


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